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    Publish time 2019-07-10 10:06    
       Rubber has been used as the standard material for most bushings for decades. Rubber is suitable to minimize vibration and shock, and it is very resistant to damage from torsional loads. Moreover, rubber is the most cost-effective material to produce bushings.
2holes size:90*57*130*25
2holes size:108*65*152*21
2holes size:90*57*130*25
2holes size:95*73*152*21
8holes size:110*75 
8holes size:95*56  
2holes size:80*52*130*25
2holes size:88*56*110*19
2holes size:85*73*152*21
2holes size:85*57*152*21 
2holes size:85*52*152*21 
2holes size:105*52*152*19
2holes size:105*52*110*19
2holes size:100*73*152*21
2holes size:80*52*152*21 
2holes size:85*73*152*21 
2holes size:90*57*130*25
4holes size:100*66*152