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    Publish time 2019-07-10 10:06    
        Torque rods are suspension links that are meant to limit the movement of the axles without limiting suspension articulation. Torque rods can be longitudinal (running forward and aft), or they can be transverse (running side to side). On truck drive axles the torque rods will keep the axle centered in the frame and control the drive-line angles by managing the torque that is running through the drive-line and the axles. On trailers, the torque arms will keep the axles centered and aligned to prevent dog-tracking and tire wear. Torque rods are often overlooked, but they play an important role in the longevity of suspension components and tires. They work by resisting change along the length of the assembly. The forces generated by driving down the road will pull or push on the torque rods, and they are designed to bear these stresses instead of other suspension components. Bushings in each end dampen the stresses and allow the torque rod to be mounted to the vehicle.

V type 00046A29725529272
V type 2919015—242
Straight type 2919020—260
Straight type 2919010—260
Straight type A6593501506
Straight type DZ91259525274
Straight type AZ9631521175
Straight type AZ9725529272